Does snakes help slimming, or vice versa?

    Snacks are the foods that have the most value to eat between meals to overcome hunger,

    But does it really help you commit to long-term sustainability? And make you lose weight faster?

    It depends on many reasons, the most important of which is "Why do snakes take up?"

    When you go to an old weight loss doctor and give you 3 meals, ask him what snakes are allowed to feel hungry. Thus, a weight loss doctor saves his time and writes on the paper "Snakes lettuce and choice between meals".

    Not because lettuce and cucumber have a specific purpose, or they will help you feel full, it will not grow, it does not save the time of the question, did lettuce help you to put down and suppress hunger?

    Hunger is not a disaster or a problem that needs to be overcome. When your body starts to burn fat, your brain starts to send out hunger signals to alert you to eating. That is normal and predictable, not a tragedy,

    It is not so much ... Many studies have found that hunger stimulates the mind and prevents stagnation (source), because your body alerts you to go to look for eating or go hunting .. etc, certainly I'm talking about hunger with a balanced diet in the 1500-1800 calorie barriers, And not starvation packs of 600 calories.

    The problem here is that most people, once they feel a little hungry, go to eat their snacking closer, probably a granola bar or a fitness bar or unhealthy things, because they sense the danger of hunger they are afraid of,

    What does that teach you? It teaches you to eat when you hunger, and that hunger is a tragedy. It lasts all your life. Your hand continues to grow continuously. Every day, calories accumulate and you control your food.

    That's how to treat the snakes that I do not recommend, eat whenever you hunger because you think hunger is a tragedy.

    The other method of eating snakes is within a written daily measure. It probably breaks at 8 am before work, then returns to your home at 4-5 hours in the evening. Here, eating a snack can be logical (if not necessary).

    This is determined by the snack or snack and taken with you to work, and not leave the subject to the circumstances and passions, because in that situation is closer Snack will eat Shawarma sandwich with colleagues in the job.

    If you choose to add Snacks in a systematic and written way for your diet, there is no doubt that the quality of the snakes will be much different. What I recommend all the time is high protein or vegetable snakes, not sweets,

    Much of the research has found high-protein snakes are optimal in terms of suppression and suppression of hunger, such as eggs, yogurt, Greek and others.

    Summary, eating Snacks randomly when you feel hungry is negative, teaches you that you can not live without food more than 3 hours, and continue to waste food, which is what called you basically, Snacks unnecessary and hunger is harmless .....
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    Mohamed Asaad
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