What is amplification and drying and which one?

    When you start going to the gym to develop your body shape, you will certainly hear about amplification and drying inside the lounge or on the internet

    Difference between amplification and dryness? And which start with your career to take on the body of a fat model with tight and prominent muscles? Or even body bodybuilder? That's what I'll answer in that article, so that your puzzlement will end.

    What is amplification?

    The amplification is intended to work on exaggeration of muscle and called English Bulking any muscle amplification, and occurs by eating a lot of calories (food), increasing the weight of the individual. And since that individual exercises iron, some of that increase in weight of the muscle mass.

    There are other terms such as pure muscle mass, clean bulking or pure amplification. And is by careful control of calories, so that the majority of the excess weight of the muscle and not fat.

    And Dirty Bulking, which is by eating a large amount of unhealthy eating of fast food and sweets without any calculation of calories. And of course the increase in body fat is enormous.

    Do not be a balanced individual thinking Dirty Bulking deliberately. Pronunciation is a joke in foreign forums, or when an individual's fat increases significantly during amplification, they are ridiculed by Dirty Bulking.

    Of the individual that requires muscle amplification:

    A thin, lean body, lacking in weight and overall size.
    An individual has finished drying and has a fat content of 10% or less. And requires to begin to exaggerate the muscles and size to get rid of the external body finale diet lean.
    Bodybuilder in the off-season phase. It is the most extended period of the year where there are no major tournaments. Bodybuilding works to exaggerate its weight by exaggerating its food (and dope).
    A woman or woman with weakness and wasting. It has a lower part that is as lean and coarse as a man. She needs the rise of her lower body muscles to gain striking curves and increase her femininity.

    Method of muscle amplification:

    One method is nothing more than a muscle augmentation especially for beginners, which is to eat higher calories that your body consumes. Without that condition, your weight will not exceed one gram.
    If your body on the road consumes 2300 calories per day (for movement, vital body functions, training, etc.), you need to eat more than 2,300 calories in order to multiply your weight.
    If you eat calories below 2300, your weight will be reduced. And will not be in a period of greatness, no matter how you practiced and dealt with dietary supplements.
    What I recommend to start the muscle enlargement process is to eat 10% higher calories than your needs. If your body lacks 2300 calories every day, start with 2300+ 230 = 2530 calories per day (2500 to some extent).
    Every two weeks or a month measures the proportion of fat, weight and muscle mass in the body, through the inbody or meter sizes. Or even by images. In the wake of this, you adjust the daily calorie intake as needed. Because the calculations you have made are not Quranic and do not reflect 100% reality.
    If your weight is constant, you will require a high calorie count of about 2500, probably adding it to 2700.
    If you weigh more than you want, and your fat increases, if 2530 calories are overpriced and should be reduced.
    The best rate of muscle height during amplification is 1 or 1.5 kg per month. Ie about 12 kg muscles once a year if they exercise naturally without stimulants.
    Of course, that rate depends on your training experience. If a beginner can exaggerate your muscle mass quickly. If you have been exercising for years, you will have a muscle increase of less than 12 kg once a year.
    It is necessary to note that muscle amplification depends mainly on food preparation and not its type. If you eat a small amount of so-called "amplification foods" you will not increase your weight. If you eat great amounts of "drying foods" and exceed the required calories, you will increase your weight. Food is not overcrowded and food is drying.

    Muscle exercises:

    Iron exercises are unquestionably exercises, or they hold on to the whole.

    The best program for amplification is calculated and experimented. I do not recommend designing a program for yourself. Many mistakes will be made, and 99% will not be perfect.
    The ideal program depends mostly on free exercise (bar and dumbbell), and the frequency range is often from 6 to 12. You can read more in the article: Frequencies of intensity and amplification
    You can start with the Startup Starter program. Or the Eric Helms program if your level is moderate. These are just good examples, but there are hundreds of other excellent programs designed by professional scientists and trainers.
    There is no such thing as big exercises, exercises and model fatness. The aim of training is one, and is an exaggeration of the muscle mass. The muscle in general has one thing to do when the weight increases: the hypertrophy.
    Iron exercises do not occur and do not tighten and divide and not quadruple and do not triangulate muscles. It does not add to its size.
    Whatever your goal, a fitness model, a Visek or a bodybuilder, you need to exaggerate your muscle mass with traditional iron exercises. Your final form depends on the duration of your exercise and what you are taking with doping or supplements. And not the type of training.
    A very big bodybuilder, he started as a lean person and then a model and then graduated until he reached his existing size. He did not start with a bodybuilder's body from the first day of the gym.
    What is the food macros formula?

    Macrose is the preparation of protein, carbohydrates and fat in your diet. The macros system I recommend during amplification is:

    1.6 grams protein per kg of your weight. (The increase on this will not hurt, but at the same time will not benefit as well)
    0.5 grams fat per kg of your weight
    The remaining calories are from carbohydrates. That's because carbohydrates are the body's favorite fuels. It increases your energy in the gym and makes you lift larger weights and therefore bigger muscles.
    15 grams of food tissue per 1000 calories you eat. If you eat 2500 calories a day, the tissue is required about 30 to 35 grams every day.

    What is the body's dryness?

    Drying is intended to lose weight and burn fat. However, the word is often used in gyms, because professional bodybuilders remove excess body water before rising on the stage in a few days. And thus their body becomes "dry" from the water or their muscles are exhausted.

    But the intention here is to lose weight and burn fat, especially for someone who has a muscle mass and exercise iron. The process of removing excess water from the body, performed before the competition sports or photography session in a few days, and not with the proportion of high fat.

    In general, it means drying the body of fat and water, and the destination often reduced your fat to 10% or lower (or 20% for women).

    Method of drying the body and muscles:

    There is just one more way to dry the body (burning fat). They eat the lowest calories your body consumes. Your body compensates for that deficit by burning your fat.

    Going back to the last example, if your body consumes 2300 calories every day and has 1800 calories a day, you will settle a deficit of 500 calories every day.

    A deficit of 3,500 calories per week. And since 1 kg of fat has about 7,000 calories, you burn 1/2 kg of fat every week.

    Of course, cardio is an adjunct factor, and more so than an effect is the exaggeration of your motor activity is not sporty. But diet is the foundation.

    I have met individuals who are obese, think that the world of bodybuilding is unlike their bitter reality and their varied attempt to lose weight. They think that drying is a modern magic way to burn fat, without reducing your food or diverting your habits and behaviors and exaggerating your activity.

    Bodybuilders who reduce their fat, reduce their food and increase their movement. And they are making the most of what weight loss patients do. Do not seek to lie to yourself and imagine yourself that there is a solution to burn fat does not require effort and sacrifices.

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